Saturday, October 20, 2012

the winner is....or should I say winners.....

Ok peeps this is how I calculated results- I copied the facebook pins with the bog post pins and assigned each pin a number- I then had my husband pick 3 numbers thats right 3!  the first number he picked gets 50.00 the second and third numbers get 25...I wanted to let you know I'm so greatful you helped promote my page so the winning numbers out of the 26 entries were numbers....
3 kylie...  
18.. jessica
please email me for your gift card info 
breejeanjohnson at gmaildotcom

    Here's to winning! I would absolutely get this!
  2. 2-

    Good excuse for me to complain about how much I want stuff I can't pay for hahaha
    I would LOVE this!
  4. LOVE your stuff BTW! :-)
  5. I`ve been wanting to see your work in person for a while - hopefully I`ll be the winner and will see this lovely piece in person!
  6. Might as well get as many entries in before the deadline :)
  7. this might be my new fav!
  8. oh maybe I`d have a crafting night with this:
  9. I can`t tell if its the headband or the cute little girl that caught my eye - both are so gorgeous!

  10. 12-Ashley May I love these little clips. Missed out on the sale but maybe I will win the contest?

    My Style
    Love these little clips.
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    13-Jessica Brooks Ugh, I want to win so bad. I LOVE your stuff and I just had my first baby...a girl! Good thing because a boy would've looked a little silly in flowery headpieces.

    14-Lydy Bitty
    cowgirl hat fascinator you pick your color by cocorosecouture, $30.00
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    15-Jessica Brooks You said multiple pins = multiple entries so...

    Lydy Bitty
    rosette supplies set of 10 by cocorosecouture on Etsy, $25.00
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    16-Jessica Brooks and

    Lydy Bitty
    ‎1st birthday hat fascinator for girls1st by cocorosecouture, $40.00
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    17-Jessica Brooks umm...and...

    Lydy Bitty
    christmas rosette yo yo vintage headband in red by cocorosecouture, $18.00
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    18-Jessica Brooks okay, last one...

    rosette necklace for little girls you pick the by cocorosecouture, $40.00
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    19-Jo-Ellen Vadnais-Cartier

    Catchy colour combos
    rosette supplies set of 10 - They are so cute and such great colours
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    20-Jo-Ellen Vadnais-Cartier - Hey Bree, Rachel is looking over my shoulder telling me all the things she wants. LOL. Miss your smiling face on sundays.

    If only I knew how to style hair
    Holiday dress rosette accessory headband for pictures, party, christmas you choose the color - love this shop
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    21-Lauren White Schwarz Pinned my favorite necklace! I love wearing it and get so many compliments!

    My Style Pinboard
    I own this necklace and absolutely love it.
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    22-Nickie 'Donaruma' McNicol

    rosette necklace for little girls you pick the by cocorosecouture.
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    23-Nickie 'Donaruma' McNicol And I love this one. .

    red headbandrosette headband for christmas by cocorosecouture.
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    24-Nickie 'Donaruma' McNicol Ooooooh, and this one.

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    25-Nickie 'Donaruma' McNicol And finally...

    My Style
    rosette bib necklace you pick the color scheme by cocorosecouture.
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     26-Hannah Rubenstahl I love this one!

    Because I have a little girl...
    fascinator hat for girls,1st birthday, dress up,princess, tea party you pick the...See More
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Waiting on new pictures...and a Pinterest giveaway!

I'm waiting for my pieces to be photographed for the holiday line..and lets face it I'm just impatient and I'm excited to ease my anxiety I thought a giveaway would be super fun.
 Don't worry I make mine pretty easy..
so here are the details...

The prize is a 50.00 gift card towards anything in the shop!
Just in time to deck out your girls for upcoming holiday events!

All you have to something from my shop
Then either come back and leave a comment with your attached link on the blog- 

or on the post I will put on facebook

Winner will be drawn on sat night at 10 mst.
You can pin more than one item and have it count as more entries! 

Thanks my lovelies and happy pinning.
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