Sunday, January 20, 2013

front page!

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so excited to be on the front page today! YAY! its such an honor out of the thousands of etsians to be featured on the fp. I got home from church and was so excited to see how many new hearts I had on the shop ..Totally made my day even that much better I love sundays!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pin it to win it!

 It's simple....
... really...
 all you have to do is pin something from the shop cocorosecouture then go comment below on the facebook page with your link back to your pin.. 
winner will be announced tomorrow night! Via random number draw 
We may even draw a couple names!
 Jan 15th 2013
Also I'm working on matching the new persnikety line..
oh my goodness they have some cute stuff for spring!
I'm in trouble...noseriously go look at it you will drool
{Photo of sage dress form persnickety}

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

new goals for the year

This year the shop was put on the backburner a tad. I have 3 very imporatnt reasons for backing off and working the hours after they went to sleep... and I'm glad I did- but this year...they all go to school..which means...creative soul time again for me. After 5 years of babies I'm ready for alone time to sit and think and experiment and put together photoshoots. I'm excited for a couple big projects I have planned for the shop in 2013 - one being to launch a whole line of boutonnières and wedding bouquets. I also partnered with dreamspunkids to help accesscorize their fall line for 2013. So be looking for that come september. I've also got some amazing boutiques taht buy from me each month and I'm so greatful for their continued support and love - I'm so greatful they buy local and handmade. It allows me to create and do something I love every day. I love my job! My little shop has grown so much and I'm so thankful thats it continues to do well. Without all the cocorose lovers I would not be where I am without you sharing and ordering and sending in photos ect It really is something I love. And something that makes my heart skip a beat when i sit down to my table to mash up something new..And while I continue to do headbands- My big goal is really to get into weddings and just focus on something fresh and new for the shop.. so if you know any brides.. send them my way I will discount their bouquets in exchange for great pictures!
Tell them to mention the blog post! 
Here is a bouquet order that started it all- thanks dana! I loved hunting for the vintage fabric in this piece its so one of a kind- and I loved molding the form-and hand tucking and stitching. It was like my hands were making love..and best of all  they can be heirlooms with old fabric from ancestors. How cool is that!!!!
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