Thursday, December 6, 2012

soft neon

 soft neon people...neon is going to be big for spring and summer and fall next year- I'm teaming up with a couple different companies one of which is my favorite shop on etsy for little girls clothes..i just cant tell you yet... for photoshoots this year, and all of the lines you guessed it have soft neon... so if you had to wear neon whats your fav color of neon? I think mine would have to be the vibrant mint and peach/coral combo.... your thoughts....

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

blue christmas

I love treasury's and making treasury's on etsy this one made me smile this week
It's so fun to make collections of all the pretty things as a way to market your company and teams on etsy. Click here to see the individual links
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Thursday, November 29, 2012


I'm usually not a pastel kinda girl , but this custom necklace may have changed my mind what do you think- maybe I should try a mint and coral?
available here

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Sunday, November 11, 2012


who dosn't love a little bling?
available in the shop these clips are large... 4 inches across
And I just love them! they kindve remind me of dress ups as a kid- and I've already sold a bunch as bridesmaids clips...

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

whats new!!!

I feel like the past month has been a blur. I've been helping with a big celebration in my community,working on therapy with my sweet son, And I've been working so hard in the shop to make everything relevant and change all my tags. Lots of techy stuff :)
 For those of you who have an etsy shop.. you'll know what I'm talking about...etsy decided to change the way you search for items..which has made it an absolute nightmare trying to edit everything in  my shop. But it also gave me the time to edit my shop clean it up..put everything in color order...yes I'm that weird....but overall I'm feeling like the shop is looking clean, the holiday pieces have been sent to photographers- and I'm working on clip holders for the shop- I'm excited to have something different to offer in the shop. and I think they are going to be adorable! Just not sure what colors to offer them in...what colors are your daughters rooms my peeps? do me a favor and answer the poll on my side bar for what colors you'd like to see these amazing holders in.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

the winner is....or should I say winners.....

Ok peeps this is how I calculated results- I copied the facebook pins with the bog post pins and assigned each pin a number- I then had my husband pick 3 numbers thats right 3!  the first number he picked gets 50.00 the second and third numbers get 25...I wanted to let you know I'm so greatful you helped promote my page so the winning numbers out of the 26 entries were numbers....
3 kylie...  
18.. jessica
please email me for your gift card info 
breejeanjohnson at gmaildotcom

    Here's to winning! I would absolutely get this!
  2. 2-

    Good excuse for me to complain about how much I want stuff I can't pay for hahaha
    I would LOVE this!
  4. LOVE your stuff BTW! :-)
  5. I`ve been wanting to see your work in person for a while - hopefully I`ll be the winner and will see this lovely piece in person!
  6. Might as well get as many entries in before the deadline :)
  7. this might be my new fav!
  8. oh maybe I`d have a crafting night with this:
  9. I can`t tell if its the headband or the cute little girl that caught my eye - both are so gorgeous!

  10. 12-Ashley May I love these little clips. Missed out on the sale but maybe I will win the contest?

    My Style
    Love these little clips.
    Thursday at 9:07am · Like · Remove Preview

    13-Jessica Brooks Ugh, I want to win so bad. I LOVE your stuff and I just had my first baby...a girl! Good thing because a boy would've looked a little silly in flowery headpieces.

    14-Lydy Bitty
    cowgirl hat fascinator you pick your color by cocorosecouture, $30.00
    Thursday at 12:54pm · Like · Remove Preview

    15-Jessica Brooks You said multiple pins = multiple entries so...

    Lydy Bitty
    rosette supplies set of 10 by cocorosecouture on Etsy, $25.00
    Thursday at 12:55pm · Like · Remove Preview

    16-Jessica Brooks and

    Lydy Bitty
    ‎1st birthday hat fascinator for girls1st by cocorosecouture, $40.00
    Thursday at 12:55pm · Like · Remove Preview

    17-Jessica Brooks umm...and...

    Lydy Bitty
    christmas rosette yo yo vintage headband in red by cocorosecouture, $18.00
    Thursday at 12:56pm · Like · Remove Preview

    18-Jessica Brooks okay, last one...

    rosette necklace for little girls you pick the by cocorosecouture, $40.00
    Thursday at 12:56pm · Like · Remove Preview

    19-Jo-Ellen Vadnais-Cartier

    Catchy colour combos
    rosette supplies set of 10 - They are so cute and such great colours
    Yesterday at 7:28pm · Like · Remove Preview

    20-Jo-Ellen Vadnais-Cartier - Hey Bree, Rachel is looking over my shoulder telling me all the things she wants. LOL. Miss your smiling face on sundays.

    If only I knew how to style hair
    Holiday dress rosette accessory headband for pictures, party, christmas you choose the color - love this shop
    Yesterday at 7:30pm · Like · Remove Preview

    21-Lauren White Schwarz Pinned my favorite necklace! I love wearing it and get so many compliments!

    My Style Pinboard
    I own this necklace and absolutely love it.
    12 hours ago · Like · Remove Preview

    22-Nickie 'Donaruma' McNicol

    rosette necklace for little girls you pick the by cocorosecouture.
    5 hours ago · Like · Remove Preview

    23-Nickie 'Donaruma' McNicol And I love this one. .

    red headbandrosette headband for christmas by cocorosecouture.
    5 hours ago · Like · Remove Preview

    24-Nickie 'Donaruma' McNicol Ooooooh, and this one.

    5 hours ago · Like · Remove Preview

    25-Nickie 'Donaruma' McNicol And finally...

    My Style
    rosette bib necklace you pick the color scheme by cocorosecouture.
    4 hours ago · Like · Remove Preview

     26-Hannah Rubenstahl I love this one!

    Because I have a little girl...
    fascinator hat for girls,1st birthday, dress up,princess, tea party you pick the...See More
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Waiting on new pictures...and a Pinterest giveaway!

I'm waiting for my pieces to be photographed for the holiday line..and lets face it I'm just impatient and I'm excited to ease my anxiety I thought a giveaway would be super fun.
 Don't worry I make mine pretty easy..
so here are the details...

The prize is a 50.00 gift card towards anything in the shop!
Just in time to deck out your girls for upcoming holiday events!

All you have to something from my shop
Then either come back and leave a comment with your attached link on the blog- 

or on the post I will put on facebook

Winner will be drawn on sat night at 10 mst.
You can pin more than one item and have it count as more entries! 

Thanks my lovelies and happy pinning.
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm in a magazine!

ok well at least my thumb Anyways I was contacted last year by an editor form interweave press to do a tutorial on making a rosette necklace they wanted something trendy so I went for tangerine ombre necklace, I went about writing my article and taking pictures..sent it in along with all the paperwork..holy cow theres a lot of paperwork involved with making a magazine and getting permission for things!
 And much to my surprise last week they told me
 I'd made the cover and were mailing me a check for my article.

I finally feel like my teeny homemade shop is making some waves and I'm excited for where it can go.
you can buy the magazine online here or in stores at local craft stores barnes and noble

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

vintage market in the east village

I love when the coolest people find my shop on etsy through the tool shop local.. Miss Erin the event coordinator for the east village found my shop and invited me to attend the vintage market...I knew lots of people would be there so I really had to amp up my booth, figure out what I wanted to do
 I found these plain old barrel displays and decided i wanted to color coordinate my product with my display for easy shopping, and who dosn't love when things are in rainbow order?.. ok maybe im psycho. My couch was also for sale and I sold it yay,, from junkyard crap to treasure.
 i made 200 cowboy fascinators for the stampede( as it was alos this week and we had 1,000's of tourists here looking for cowboy gear!), needless to say I was exhausted after this market.
 all set up and meeting my neighbors, this market was unlike any other Ive been in, they hand selected the shops so the feeling of the place would be cohesive, so everyone there had the same taste!, I met a lot of my teammates on the alberta street team, and could finally put a face to their etsy avatar, where we talk in our etsy forums. So that was a blast.
colored barrels and coordinating pieces by color- along with a cute tag on each barrel showing how you wear it. and mirrors attatched with ribbon so people could see what they looked like on.

all in all a fun market and I almost sold everything!
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Friday, June 15, 2012

winner of the cowgirl fascinator was number

5 which was so I asked greyson to pick another number and he said 6 SOOOO melanie you are the winner!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

cowgirl hats now available in the shop!

It's the 100 year anniversary of the calgary stampede!
Sooo to celebrate- I've made cowgirl fascinators with some bling netting ribbon and feathers.
And to start the season off grand I'm doing a giveaway for a light pink fascinator cowgirl hat, All you have to do is click the follow button over on the side bar of the blog, if you already follow then share my fb page the cowgirl hat post
Then come back and  leave a comment  with what you did- 
along with your email so I can get a hold of you if you win. 
The giveaway will end next week! good luck and YAHOO!

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

i love this

totally my personality
who else adores new girl?

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

shabby chic's part 2

I love how fresh this vintage poppy fabric was, and my lil cute blondie model made it even more fresh.
real vintage pieces put on this line.

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shabby chic rosette clips

These new pieces in the shop I wanted to have more of a whimsical shabby feeling to them I love mustard and navy and green together, these pictures by restless wings photography, and my lovely model jayden couldn't have turned out more perfect I love them!
This piece is available in any color palette, and available with a lady bug butterfly gold or silver bow, or rhinestone crystal

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