Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mothers day

Flowers remind me of my kids, probably because my husband picks out flowers with my munchkins for me for mothers day and I spend the day planting them with them, then all I season I think about them, and how they've grown and made me grow as a woman. So to celebrate mothers day, enjoy some of my favorite bouquets. I adore flowers. That totally comes from my mom, 
shes one amazing gardner.
I've collected links for years of these lovelies and I hope you love them too.
also the bogo sale in my shop is on until tomorrow night, happy mothers day from cocorose!

yellow and grey bouquet

succulent rainbow bouquet

sweet pea and berries die for lovely thanks miss martha

oh my goodness the turquoise and polkadot ribbon plus purple hydrangea in this bouquet are sooo pretty!
peony bouquet simple elegance
protea and bells of ireland are stunning in this bright ball of lovely
lovely bright mixture ,and i love the lace/brooch details!

peonies and cabbage flowers

Have a lovely mothers day all you beautiful women out there!

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