Saturday, March 31, 2012

abstract art class

My best friend Keshia and I took an abstract art class today by the lovely samantha da silva.
 At the calgary school of art.
I'm hooked. I love painting, I love acrylic. 
I will be taking the rest of these classes. Therapeutic beyond reason, quiet, fun. 
The thought behind my piece kind've started with me wanting to make a piece for my living room that would make me happy every time I saw it...  soetmes my house is chaotic..I knew I wanted color....something that evoked a great memory inside of me.

 It felt a little weird when the rest of the class except keshia and me....did brown. 
sometimes it make me doubt my style, but when I looked at it at the end..
 I realized it made me happy and thats all that mattered.
 It was so fun spending the day with my best friend.
 I laughed os hard and just really relaxed and had a blast.
I  painted with magenta fuschia orange aqua black navy blue and white.
I got to try plaster, gel, mixed media paper- even spilled lemonade on it on purpose.

I started by thinking of the happiest day of my life.
The day brandon proposed and we spend the whole day in disneyland together followed by an engagement and firework show at the castle. 
 the moment we were hooked on traveling the world together.
...and out of everything in this world
Traveling with my husband is my favorite thing in this entire world to do, 
and it's what makes me dream every day.

I'm still not finished with my painting, I'm still on phase two, so I will update when it's done. 
but... heres the before during and after of our workshop today.
I highly recommend taking an abstract class. especially if you love color.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

watercolor cake

Did you know you can paint on cake? I just found this out. Maybe because I've ben rereading the hunger games,and peetas camoflage skills impress me..But Oh man I want to take this ladies class so badly! Is this not the most beautiful cake you've ever seen?
also these cookies are to die for... I want to throw a garden party just to have these cookies there.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Soda Shop

This new spring collection was inspired by this picture and my pinterest board.

 I really wanted to use soda straws somehow In my fascinators, and I thought it would be perfect if it felt like a soda shop so the new line has 7 flavors
raspberry sorbet
lime ricky
orange cream
root beer float
cream soda
cherry cola
And my necklace is called rainbow sherbet and can be made in girls and womens sizes..has more of a spring pastel feel than my usual color palette. 
I also have loved feather pads for a while and knew I wanted to use them not just alone but as part of the fascinator. My first time trying crinoline and I'm hooked. I hope it brings back nostalgia.
I used to work at a dairy farm in utah called country boy dairy, and this reminds me of long summer nights serving ice cream to the town. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to liz from lizzyannephotography for my product photos.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

cheap impactful wall art

I for one have seen these pics on pinterist for a while, and I love them, so inexpensive to get a one of a kind plate and just collage it on a wall for art. quirky one of a kind and personal to you as a homeowner.


It's so pretty against that grey too, I love it.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lovely florals

I've been really inspired by floral latley, we're in the process of redoing some things in our living room and I really love white basics with touches of bright floral and bold black and white.. for example ... acouple of my favs from pinterest. I'm think we might have to make some pieces like this for the shop..maybe even use this fabric. you like?

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time for a giveaway!

cocorosecouture is giving away a $100.00 shopping spree for the first person that gets 50 ladies to like our facebook page before march 12th at 1159 p.m. 

They need to do 2 things
1- "like" cocorosecouture on fb.
2 -post on our fb wall that you sent them

Let the race begin! Good Luck girls!
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