Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I'm starting to think about making the new fall collection..my spring line is being photographed next week..and I was trying to get inspired..
Something I like to do is make a board of gorgeous images..and design something based on that image.. for example the spring line was all based around this picture It captivated me...and said retro...and I don't normally work in pastels but I wanted to try it this year. stretch myself

 and last years fascinators were based on birds in these pictures I started using wire because it reminded me of a cage and I liked the contrast behind soft feathers and hard wire and the symbolism behind a bird being set free out of a cage...

         so for my new  collection.. I want to entitle it... influence... and I need your help

I saw a post by talented etsy friend miss agnus from knock knocking and I couldnt help but fall in love with the idea..because she does exactly what I do with inspiration pictures she's doing something like this with a couple pieces ... And the more I thought about what she was doing the more I though that it would be amazing to make a whole collection on images that stir up something inside of people...

I'd love your help with showing me some of your favorite pictures. I need ideas, your ideas my friends.. I know you have a picture somewhere on pinterest that ever time you look at it it just screams to your soul.. I want to see it... like yesterday
If you have an image that you love; something you pinned on Pinterest, a favorite bouquet, a dress, a piece of art... a party.... share it with me! Post it on my cocorosecouture facebook wall and I will choose 10 from what you share with me to make my fall line for the shop.  Whoever has their image chosen for a creation will also win a gift card from the shop. thats right 10 gift cards..you are allowed to post 3 images... I'm so excited  to see what moves you.
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

enamel bracelets oh la la

I LOVE ...love this etsy shop bullfinch and barbury..a set of these bangles has been on my wishlist for about a year..so I thought Id share  in the amazing artistry. I love her color palettes.. the textures..and hello theres polkadots and bows..I'm in girl heaven.. 
my dream..
show her my quirky girl pinterest board 
and have her design something custom for me...

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coco turns 2

I thought I'd share her outfit with you..if you want to read the full post you can go to my other blog thepolkadothouse

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Friday, February 10, 2012

we have a new look!

My best friend is so talented and it's amazing how fast she gets my style and taste..and thanks to her I have an amazing new logo, and etsy banner and blog..and packaging stuff. Check out her website urbandesignstudio1.com
She's also going to be opening an etsy shop soon called contrast..all black and white print design.
I'm stoked for it.
Thanks Keshia I love you! I love it and think it's beautiful and timeless
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