Sunday, April 29, 2012

initial necklace's

This is one of my favorite shops on etsy merriweathercouncil- read her shop profile on why she named it what she did, It's pretty cute. 

I've been debating for months what color to buy my sisters for mothers day, you get to choose your  embroidered letter, upper or lower case, color scheme and it comes in a perty little package. 

I just love etsy yay for one of a kind, what color is your favorite?
 I want to know which one to get my sisters!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

polka dots

I love cute nails
like these
bright happy and perfect for summer
Hope your day is just as bright.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Craft booths

It's summer time and with that comes outdoor markets, and as en etsy seller, I love markets , I have since the time I was 4, and my mom took me to swiss days in heber city utah( by park city) I did lemonade stand every year asa kid the whole summer, I guess you can say my entrepreneur side started young. I love making the booths,and now that my company is big enough to go to some of these larger markets I'm feeling the pressure to make a good booth.
Heres a couple ideas I've accumulated... it's hard because my headbands are on how do i display them, so it looks very professional?
what's your favorite look? leave a comment or vote in the poll on my sidebar..
I need some direction,what would you as a buyer be drawn to?

 check out the diy on these..awesome!

this would work great for my shop, using plate racks genius I tell you miss mayi!

this one I love! perfect fit for my shop? its like accesscories in a candy shop.exact feel of my brand!
 But where the crap do I find one of these ole bad boys laying around?

Then theres always slat wall?
 Which is nice because people can see it from far away.
But is it tooo commercial?

I love the chicken wire look. but is it too overdone, for vintage shows?

use wood palettes for hard headbands.with tags attached I like this idea..
but would you paint the palettes? Or leave them raw and vintage barrel like. I like both.
ok my bloggin buddies, what should I go with? go to the side bar and vote!

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Monday, April 23, 2012


I'm very fortunate to have a best friend.. I know not lots of people ever have teh chance to be so close to someone that you know exactly what the other is thinking, theres never any judging of the other person, and you just love each other faults and all. Keshia is just an amazing person, and I love her dearly, she has a way of making friends with anyone and their pet rock.. She's random, outgoing and fun. And I just adore her like a sister. So of course I had to brag about her new shop contrast.. I think it's funny because when they say opposites attract it's true, she dresses complete 180 from me, likes different design, wears black and white when I wear color and peterpan collars... yet we mesh better than any peas in a pod. I've wanted a piece of art in my house forever of the place Brandon and I were married. But I didn't want the typical photograph or sepia print everyone seems to have in their house.. not that those are bad.. its just not my taste in art.. So I was thrilled when she came up with this canvas print... andy warholish style of the salt lake temple where I was married. I love the unique viewpoint of this photograph.. that was taken on the actual day I was married. And I can't wait to hang it in my house.. So go check out her shop,, It's called contrast, because she loves black and white..and everything in the shop is black or white...very cool. She is adding more each day...And just because I want to remember it.. heres a conversation we had when we were listing stuff in her shop pretty late that night..with our friend chelsea...I've never seen her more hyper in my life!

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