Sunday, August 14, 2011

2nd annual accessory exchange!

{ a couple examples of last years exchange}

So Last year I hosted an accessory exchange and It was so fun..and I've gotten numerous e-mails asking if we will be doing it again... Last year We did a kid one..and if we have enough interest in doing kids again I will include them as well..if not it will just be for us ladies...

So my friends we are doing it again...
 How it works...
 Leave a comment here with your e-mail,  
what you like to wear accessory wise and your favorite color... 

I will then send out a mass email to everyone with your partners info....
contact your person via email to get each others addresses. 
The limit is 5-10 dollars for the accessory.
The partnership that does the cutest exchange and 
send me the cutest pictures will both get fascinators from me! 

  So in summary once you have your partner..I pair you up with a partner you send something to her she sends something to you. Along with a cute note or something from where you interesting fact ..funny get the idea... then mail me a picture of your treasures for a chance to enter for teh grand prize.
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  1. This sounds so fun! I'm in!
    email addy:

    I love to wear things that are different from main-stream. I wear mostly black clothes so I like to have a pop of color somewhere. I have purple and black hair and I like funky things...
    I hope that's enough info...I don't know what else to put down. LOL

  2. I love this idea!

    I am obsessed with accessories. Any and all. My fav colors to wear are mustard, coral, apple green, and aqua. color is my friend :)

  3. Yay! Can't wait to do this!

    I love, love, love gray! Cream and coral are my second favs! I mostly wear statement necklaces... They are the best! :)

    My email is

  4. So glad you decided to do this again! I love lots of bling and bright colors like turquoise, coral, pink, apple green, red, and grey. I am a super fan of big earrings and statement necklaces.

  5. I love all things as far as accessories. I guess I really like browns and natural colors. I always like pops of bright colors though. FUN!

  6. Yay. I'd love to participate again. tncakes(at)

    I am loving cuff bracelets and necklaces. I like having different accessories for each outfit. I wear a lot of black and brown and I love blue green colors and especially pink.

  7. YAY!!! This is why I love you my cousin!!!

    My email is

    I love anything different, fun and catchy. I have short hair and love to accessorize in my hair. I wear a lot of black, white, dark blue and deep purple/plum. I love anything that makes a statement but that I can also wear to work.

  8. :Ooh you know I love this!!! Last year was awesome!
    My email is
    I am HUGE into grey/pewter right now, and I always love navy or tiffany blue."

    I also posted about the exchange on my blog, hope thats ok?

    Malauney M. Bourne

  9. This sounds wonderful! Is it still open to sign up?

    I'd love to participate this year. E-mail is:

    I love copper, and rustic, natural stones. But I also have a big thing for lime green right now(I call it margarita green). I also like Autism awareness pieces, but love to find ones that are unique and not the traditional awareness ribbon type.