Thursday, February 28, 2013

a few of my fav things

I'm going to start a few of my fav things post every week. These things I see always help inspire my work and I truly believe if you surround yourself with creative people and ideas, it just add to your base of knowledge so here we go some of my fav pins
This print can be found and purchased through this fabulous etsy shop. I'm thinking about getting it for cocos room. I think it's stunning and makes me want to read just one more fairytale to coco before we go to bed each night. Also I'm obsessed with the show once upon a time right now. I love Snow white!
confetti life just changed and that packaging swoon! I'm a sucker for kraft.
This pink door is fabulous..and with the edgy plants its not too feminine - and I love that...clean and girly all in one. I want to make a head piece with succulents just for fun... source -dominoe
I love the unexpected pink I adore it! So fun and quirky and original...and this dress is to die for. I wish I could wear a princess dress every day. I really do theres just something about feeling feminine that I cant express in words just makes me feel like me.
So there you go a couple of my favs.. I think I was digging on the pink this week. hopefully it's because I have a couple pink bouquets to make this was ingrained into my subconscious!

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